Ayurveda views food not only as pleasure but also as medicine for both the body and the spirit. Thus it is an important tool in the process of re-aligning the disturbed bio- energies of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and thereby restoring well-being.

At Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort, our team of doctors and kitchen / restaurant staff closely monitor each guest’s diet, using three broad guidelines:

  1. Food & drink recommended / to be limited (or avoided) whilst undergoing a Panchakarma cure.
  2. Restrictions on food / drink necessitated by a specific medical condition e.g. asthma; gastritis; psoriasis.
  3. Dietary principles governing certain medical treatments such as nasya, virechena and vamana – these are detailed in the Surya Lanka medical booklet received by each guest.

With these guidelines in mind, prepare yourself for a buffet of fresh fruit juices or king coconut; delicate soups; an array of Sri Lankan rice and curries using a wide selection of mildly spiced / herbed vegetables, pulses and mallums (nutritious green leaf salads). Dessert follows – tropical fruit platters and curd (buffalo milk, similar to yoghurt and considered helpful during the panchakarma cleansing).

Meals are usually taken outside in the Surya Lanka palm garden, beautifully balmy in the evening, with a weekly BBQ to add further variety.

A weekly cookery demonstration takes you “behind the scenes” – grinding of coconuts; preparation of curry powder, Sri Lankan style; how to prepare kola kenda (herbal porridge) etc. Guests have the opportunity to watch and learn how to prepare some of the traditional meals served at a Sri Lankan Wellness Resort.