Ayurveda in Sri Lanka at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Retreat

Surya Lanka Ayurveda Retreat was founded in 1995, as one of the first Ayurveda retreats in Sri Lanka to cater exclusively to Panchakarma and Yoga guests. It offers some of the most authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, where guests can choose between three Ayurveda programs – the Ayurveda Light, Intensive or Healing. It is consistently recognised for its comprehensive, authentic Ayurveda treatment as well as for its care and generous hospitality. As a guest you will experience a holistic approach to Ayurveda, the warmth of the people, the beautiful sandy beach, the coconut palm gardens and an array of activities on offer.

Situated on one of the most picturesque beaches in the country, Surya Lanka is an oasis of relaxation for those guests looking for the perfect Ayurveda Hotel to refresh their mind and body. In addition to the beautiful beach-side location it also has two large palm fringed gardens, where guests relax in between treatments. There are also weekly organised activities such as Yoga, Afternoon Excursions, Panchakarma lectures and Botanical tours of the gardens. For more than 24 years, Surya Lanka has been synonymous with authentic Ayurveda Sri Lanka, and our Ayurveda standard has been held in high esteem amongst our many repeat guests.

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Massage at the Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ayurveda has been practiced for over a thousand years. Ayurveda focuses on two main aspects – removal of the causes of an illness and the active promotion of good health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda is unique in its holistic perspective of health, as it incorporates physical, mental and spiritual components. Ayurveda sets out to promote overall health through treating the cause of an illness rather than its symptoms.

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Ayurveda at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Retreat

Surya offers three Ayurveda programs. The Ayurveda ‘Intensive’ delivers a complete detoxification of the body – chosen by approximately 80% of our guests.

Ayurveda ‘Healing’ is recommended for those guests with serious multiple ailments which require more intensive treatments, more medicines and closer monitoring. The Ayurveda ‘Light’ is recommended for guests who want less intensive Ayurveda treatment with more time for leisure.

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Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka at the Ayurveda retreat

Panchakarma at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Hotel

Ayurvedic treatment at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Hotel

Panchakarma is known as the gold standard of Ayurveda medicine – the complete detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. The aim of Panchakarma is to restore total wellbeing through the removal of the cause of an illness and realigning the three Doshas.

At Surya Lanka, Panchakarma is strictly practiced according to the three stages of cleansing prescribed in the original Ayurvedic texts – Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma and Pashtakarma.

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Yoga at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort

Surya Lanka has the perfect environment for Yoga in Sri Lanka. Yoga is increasing in popularity worldwide, as more people become aware of its benefits. Yoga is an essential element in the Ayurvedic way of life to achieve a balance between body, mind and soul.

We offer guests 10 Yoga classes a week – 5 days, morning and evening. Yoga supports the detoxification, and strengthens the mind and body.

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Poolside Yoga at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort

The perfect location for an Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka

Lady reading a book at the Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka

Surya is located on one of the most coveted locations in Sri Lanka, with beach frontage to the stunning Talalla Bay. It is an ideal location for an Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka – a 1km golden sandy beach which is perfect for Sunrise/Sunset strolls as well as ideal for swimming during the European winter.

Surya is built on a former coconut estate – guests can relax under palm trees between treatments or whilst dining in the Al-fresco dining area.

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Accommodation at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort

Surya Lanka was purpose built as an Ayurveda hotel, exclusively for the use of Ayurveda guests. Its 43 rooms are spread out over five separate buildings in an expansive property in order to ensure maximum privacy and quiet.

Choose between Standard, Beach and New Wing rooms, all containing large balconies or terraces, with Sea and/or Garden Views.

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Accommodation at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Retreat

Ayurvedic Cuisine at Surya Lanka

Ayurveda cuisine at the Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka

In Ayurveda, nutrition is viewed as an important component, both in the Panchakarma detoxification process and in order to maintain optimum health.

The doctors and the kitchen staff closely monitor each guest’s diet to ensure that Ayurveda diet principles are strictly observed. Guests are also able to partake in the weekly cooking demonstration, where they can learn how to prepare traditional Sri Lankan food.

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Doctors’ Consultations at Surya Lanka

Each guest’s Ayurveda program at Surya Lanka begins with an Initial consultation with the Doctor. It is the basis of your Ayurveda program, as it provides the information required for the Doctors to devise the best program specific to your individual needs.

This is followed by a Mid consultation, which is an assessment of the progress of your Ayurveda cure. During the Final Consultation doctors give advice on how to extend the benefits gained from your program.

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Ayurveda Sri Lanka-neck massage at Surya Lanka

Ayurveda Blog

Beach outside Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort

Our blog has a range of articles on Ayurveda practices, individual treatments, the Panchakarma process, how to follow Ayurvedic practices at home and more. We also provide recipes for some of our favourite dishes served at Surya Lanka.

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The Ayurveda Centre is run by an experienced team of Doctors and therapists. Our doctors are graduates with many years of practical experience, who have been specially trained in our Ayurveda system – a program of treatments which carefully follow the original Panchakarma traditions. Every guest is different, and as such the Doctors conscientiously select the treatments and therapies that would provide an optimal result to each guest. Similarly, therapists have been chosen from among the best in Sri Lanka – many have been at Surya Lanka for over 15 years. All therapists have been trained in-house, and receive regular training at our Ayurveda centre. As a result, Ayurveda has been successfully developed into a highly effective and respected medical system for guests seeking holistic well-being.