Frequently asked questions

We require a minimum of 06 treatment days for the Light program and 08 treatment days for an Intensive program. However for a completely detoxification we would recommend a 14 night stay.

There is no set day for the start of each program - you are free to start your program any day of the week. Each guest is unique, and as such each guest’s program is personalised based on their constitution, physical condition, age etc

All guests have an initial Consultation with one of our Ayurveda Doctors, during which a treatment plan will be devised for the duration of your stay. In devising your program the Doctor will consider your present condition, any medical ailments, age etc.

The Intensive program is our main program and delivers a complete detox of the body - this level is chosen by approximately 80-90% of our guests. The Healing program is for those guests that have multiple, serious ailments that they would like to work on, with extra attention, treatments, medicines etc. The Light program is for those guests who want less treatments, with more time for leisure.

At Surya Lanka our focus is on authentic Panchakarma according to the 03 steps of Panchakarma - Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma and Paschatkarma. We do not simply offer a standard set of massages, with a few treatments added in. Our Treatment Table, detailing the different stages of the Panchakarma process, and how many treatments you would receive for a 01,02 and 03 week period, can be accessed at the below page. Please note that each guest’s constitution is different, therefore this table will be adapted to each guest’s needs.

We source our oils from Sri Lanka’s two biggest Ayurvedic Oil manufacturers, who possess all the necessary certifications for distribution within Sri Lanka and abroad. We do not want to save money by manufacturing the oils at Surya Lanka as it is a delicate process which requires the correct balance of ingredients in a hygienic and sterile environment.

Yes, the more information our Doctors have regarding your health the better. However please note that we only accept english copies. Please get such reports translated to english if it is in another language.

Getting a visa to enter Sri Lanka is quite straight forward. Please visit the below page in order to obtain your online visa:

Our check in time is 13:00, and our check out time is 12:00. If you arrive earlier than the Check in time, or you would like to depart after the Check out time, we will do our best to have a room ready / offer a late check out. However as this depends on availability, this will be solely at the Hotel’s discretion.

We have a transfer service from the Airport to Surya Lanka. The cost is 60 Euros one way per person. However if you wish to hire your own transport please feel free to do so.

Our drivers will be standing at the Airport waiting area (after customs) holding a Name Board with your name on it.

It takes approximately 03 hours to reach Surya Lanka from the Colombo Airport. We use the Southern Express Highway for almost the entire journey.

We have a limited number of A/C rooms, as it is not ideal during an Ayurveda program. However all rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan for ventilation.

We offer 10 Yoga classes a week, generally Monday - Friday morning and evening.

Sri Lankan cuisine has the advantage of being almost completely vegan - the base of our curries is coconut. We do serve Fish and Chicken on a few days of the week, however there is always a generous spread of vegetables dishes on the buffet. If you inform us of any dietary restrictions beforehand we can cater to any diet.

Breakfast is served to the table, whereas Lunch and Dinner are both buffet.

We offer a free weekly excursion. The excursions are rotated between a visit to the Galle Fort, a visit to a Tea Factory or a visit to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple.

If you would like to experience more of our beautiful country before or after your program we can arrange a tour for you. Please let us know what would interest you most - wildlife, ancient ruins, hill country etc, and we will devise an itinerary with you.

Unfortunately an Ayurveda Program is not advisable if you are pregnant, over 75 years old, if you have recently had surgery or if you are HIV positive as it would be too strenuous for your body.

Both your offer and Invoice will include a detailed section on our cancellation policy - please scroll to the bottom of both documents.

We do not accept bookings with children below 12 years old due to the possible disturbance it may cause our other guests. Surya Lanka places great emphasis on having a calm and relaxing atmosphere - essential for a Health Resort.

Unfortunately both surfing and snorkelling are both not possible at Talalla. Further, overly strenuous physical activity is not recommended during an Ayurveda program.