Surya Lanka provides all the necessary facilities to ensure that every guest’s stay is both comfortable and relaxed. Its setting and natural surroundings induce a sense of harmony and tranquility where guests can immerse themselves in nature, further enhancing the calmness that results from the interplay of detoxification, yoga and meditation. 

The sense of calm begins at the entrance itself when guests enter the cathedral-style ceilinged lobby, where guests like to read a book or quietly socialise in the main sitting area. Since the Resort strongly recommends guests minimise disturbances and distractions during their Ayurveda program, Wifi is limited to the lobby and outside terrace. Guests can also use Wifi in the Library, where a computer has been set up for guest use. The library also contains books and magazines on a variety of topics, in both German and English. 

The 18-metre fresh water swimming pool, surrounded by tall coconut trees and various flowering plants, is an alternative for those who do not wish to have a dip in the Indian ocean. The pool deck also provides the backdrop for Yoga and meditation in the early mornings and evenings, enabling guests to experience Yoga amidst the sights and sounds of nature. 

The Resort has two Ayurveda treatment centres which house the Doctors’ consultation rooms as well as separate dedicated sections for massages, Shirodhara, Herbal baths etc. A separate area is reserved for the preparation of some of the medicines given during the course of the cure.

Facilities at Surya Lanka include:

  • Two Ayurveda treatment centres
  • 18-metre freshwater swimming pool
  • Informal dining area within the palm garden
  • Indoor formal dining room
  • Library and reading room
  • Reception
  • Open plan sitting area
  • Laundry Service
  • Wifi in lobby and dining room