Medicines / Oils at Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort

Our Ayurveda doctors select the different oils, decoctions/medicines used for the various massages and treatments based on the information collected during your Initial consultation. This consultation includes a written questionnaire, oral questioning, Nadi (Pulse diagnosis) plus a physical examination. In a separate information session the day after the doctors will explain the medicines and oils which have been selected in order to produce the most effective course of treatments tailored to address your individual medical requirements.

  • The oils used for massages are sourced from reliable manufacturers. We ensure that these companies are highly reputed with necessary certification from all government authorities.
  • The herbs used for inhalation, herbal bath and thermo massage are gathered from the Surya Lanka garden and from the surrounding environment (growing naturally, without chemicals). The southern coast of Sri Lanka enjoys a warm tropical climate – the ideal environment for a variety of medicinal herbs and plants to flourish.

During a fortnightly tour of the Surya Lanka garden our Ayurveda doctors point out some of these plants and herbs, and explain how they are used in Ayurveda.