A typical Treatment Schedule

A typical Treatment Schedule for a Panchakarma Intensive Cure

Number of Weeks Stay23
Number of Cure Days1320
Purvakarma (Pre-treatment)
Head Massage812
Face Massage1015
Complete Body Massage (Abhyanga)914
Foot Massage69
Thermo massage34
Snehanam (Internal Oleation)*2-3 days2-3 days
Oil & Steam Bath23
Herbal Steam Bath812
Herbal Bath23
Pradhanakarma (Primary-treatment)
Vasti (Oil or Herbal decoction)*23
Vamana when necessary*  
Pashtatakarma (Post – treatment)
Includes dietary adjustments and regeneration therapies/medicines
Special Treatments
Eye Treatment (Akshitarpana)*11
Herbal Inhalation23
Special massages according to Doctors’ instructions when necessary  
Khati Basti when necessary*(alternate to body massage)  
Shiro Basti when necessary* (alternate to face/head massage)
Wellness Treatments
Body Scrub or Herbal Facial11
Doctors Consultations
Initial Consultation11
Constitutional check-up11
Consultation – Oils / Medicines / Diet11
Mid Consultation11
Final Consultation11
An individualized treatment plan11
Diet Plan recommended by doctor according to your medical needs  
Yoga and meditation  
A copy of the Surya Lanka  
medical booklet [available in German]11

We publish this schedule for several reasons

  • To ensure transparency in our medical treatments. Guests are able to see the treatments we offer; the approximate number of treatments for the duration of their stay. Thus, they know what they can expect from a Panchakarma cure at Surya Lanka.
  • To give potential clients a base by which they can compare the cures offered by other Ayurveda centres.
  • To clearly delineate the 3 stages by which our Panchakarma cure is administered – pre, primary and post treatments.