As an Ayurveda Spa located in a small village in Sri Lanka, Surya Lanka appreciates that it has a role to play in order to protect and enhance both its natural and social environment. 

Surya Lanka has undertaken, and will continuously undertake, various programs and initiatives that improve the welfare of the local community, protect its natural habitat and minimise its impact on its natural surroundings. Some of these initiatives include:

  • A Village Fund, established in 1996, continues to give scholarships to a number of village children so that they can attend school with all the necessary materials.
  • Locally sourcing fruits and vegetables for the kitchen as well as herbs for medicines in order to support the local economy.
  • Providing employment for a number of people in the village and further afield, while at the same time providing training for others so that they can gain employment elsewhere.
  • Using groundwater for the watering of Surya Lanka’s gardens.
  • Using recyclable filters in the restaurant in order to reduce the amount of plastic consumed.
  • Changing all existing lighting to CFL bulbs in order to increase the amount of light emanated while at the same time reducing power usage.
  • Surya Lanka, together with the funds from the people of Muldenthal, rebuilt damaged houses and built new houses for those affected by the tsunami in 2004.
  • Provided three fishing boats and equipment, and cleaned the shallow sea bed of debris, in order for fishermen to resume their livelihoods in the aftermath of the tsunami.
  • Financially supported the Talalla refugee camp in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Plans are also afoot to use solar panels in order to power the larger main building, to reduce the use of electricity, which in Sri Lanka is still heavily coal powered.