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Explore the Galle Fort of southwest coast of Sri Lanka

Activities at Surya Lanka

Your panchakarma cure is supplemented by a weekly range of varied activities which allow guests to learn more about Ayurveda Panchakarma in Sri Lanka through fortnightly Panchakarma Lectures. Guests can also learn how to make traditional Sri Lankan curries through our weekly cooking demonstration and explore the herbs and plants used to make Ayurveda medicine on our fortnightly botanical tours of the Surya Lanka garden.

Weekly Cooking Demonstration

Nutrition plays a central role in ayurveda, being viewed as medicine for both the spirit and the body. Together with treatments and medicines, it is an important tool in the process of realigning the disturbed energies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha during your panchakarma cure.

Be hands-on as our chef shows how to produce mouth watering curries and other Sri Lankan delights such as pol rotti, dhal curry and mango curry etc. These are prepared using the guiding principles of Ayurvedic nutrition. Rotating menus with written recipes ensure that you will be well equipped to ‘cook Sri Lankan’ when you return home.

Fortnightly Panchakarma Lecture

This lecture by one of our Senior Surya Lanka doctors enables you to gain a wider understanding of the subject. Topics range from nutrition, daily lifestyle according to ayurvedic principles, to the underlying theory of one’s constitutional make up.

Fortnightly Botanical tour

The Surya Lanka garden provides a bounty of ayurvedic leaves and herbs which are used in our treatments, as well as a cross section of Sri Lankan flora. A Surya Lanka doctor will explain their uses in traditional ayurvedic medicine during this fortnightly tour of our garden.

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