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Explore the Galle Fort of southwest coast of Sri Lanka

Activities around Surya Lanka

These enable our guests to experience a little of the Sri Lankan way of life and to showcase the country’s culture and diversity of scenery. They include:

Mulkirigala Rock Temple and Wewurukannala Temple

Mulgirigala Rock Temple- Approximately 40km from Surya Lanka, this rock temple dates back to the 3rd century AD. Guests can view the wonderful wall paintings based on ancient Jataka stories and a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. Its chief fame is the discovery of the old leaf scripts discovered here in the 19th century which were the key to the translation of the Mahavamsa, Sri Lanka’s most informative ancient text. Observe well preserved and beautifully painted cave temples carved into 5 levels and a unique Buddhist monk’s grave yard.

This excursion also includes a stop-over at Wewurukannala Temple to view the giant Buddha statue, one of the tallest in Sri Lanka.

Tea Plantation Tour

Tea plantation- A round trip of around 90km highlighting Sri Lanka’s vegetation- rubber and tea estates, paddy fields, coconut plantations plus a variety of spices such as cinnamon and pepper. At the Handunugoda Tea Estate, guests can see the white tea plantation and hear the legend behind it; sample a wide variety of teas, many of which are manufactured exclusively by the estate itself as well as tour the factory which uses machinery dating back to the British era.

Galle Fort

Galle- The most important town in the south, and a World heritage site. Believed to be the Tarshish of the Bible, it has a natural harbour and a long fascinating history of Portugese, Dutch and British occupation. Guests can explore the historic Dutch Fort and ramparts; the Old Dutch Church, the maritime museum as well as recent additions such as handicraft shops and small boutique hotels. Galle’s specialties include lace making, ebony carving and gem polishing.

Weekly transport to Matara

Explore all the places to visit in Matara. Built on the banks of the Nilawala Ganga (River) Matara is an ancient settlement. Guests can visit the Dutch Star Fort (17th century AD) which is still in good condition: stroll along the beach prome-nade or simply sample the local shops and fruit markets. En route to Matara there is the Uthpolowanna Sri Vishnu Devalaya, believed to date back to the 7th century AD. it is the site of the annual Esala Perhera (July-August), a religious procession featuring elephants and a variety of colourful dance troupes.

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